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Sito Personale di Gasparini Alessandra Pittrice

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Critical text "VATEL"

Some artists announce their visions with noisy statements in order to be considered as avant-garde, and when they are successful they attract a lot of attention.However, other artists work quietly in their studios, they concentrate on their craft, and they do not bother to be seen as leaders of new movements in the history of art.

Alessandra Gasparini is one of these restrained and serious artists. She values the intimacy of her personal life, of the persons and objects that surround her, and she turns them into coherent groups of paintings.Alessandra Gasparini works in a tradition that is very close to the heart of Dutch art, to the art of Realism.

Italian art is the art of grandeur, of an elaborate gesture, but the Dutch tradition is one of the silently observed still life, a quiet river landscape, or the portrait of a young girl with a pearl earring. Of course we talk of Johannes Vermeer, the Master of Delft, with his preference for simple interiors, his attention for the play of light in a chinese bowl, or a letter on a desk. Everything is there, observed with endless patience, and every object has a meaning.

This is exactly the method that AlessandraGasparini follows. She combines household objects such as plates with portraits that seem to be a "Lessico famigliare", with an interesting mix of children's drawings.She allows us a vision into the intimacy of her life, her experiences, and she expresses feelings that we all are capable to interpret.

Alessandra Gasparini does not need the fanfare of the avant-garde; she paints with concentration, and with her realistic images she brings us an association with the silent modesty of the masters of the Golden Age of Holland.


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