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Personal Site of Gasparini Alessandra Painter



Alessandra Gasparini

Artist, painter
Based in:
Tusini Str. N° 3 Sarzana 19038 (SP) - Liguria ITALY
Born in Genoa, February 1964

As she was attending the High School for Foreign Languages, she apprenticed to Adriano DeLaurentis's studio for five years, four times a week. She attended nude, figure and posture courses at the artist's studio in Chiavari. Once finished the language school and the five years at the workshop, in summer 1984, she attended the nude and posture course run by the engraver and painter Giovanni Job in Sestri Levante at the art league C.A.L.A. Fieschi.
Gasparini's background dealt with the sternness of the drawing, the reproduction of the formal and aesthetic reality, the obsessed and obsessing practise of the accuracy, and in accordance with the latter, when in 1985 she entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara she attended the course of abstract paining run by the painter Giorgio Ulivi. Her choice, which seemed rather risky and daring, turned out to be happy and successful.
The teacher and painter Giorgio Ulivi always kept track of her with extreme curiosity and generosity. They shared a profound reciprocal respect.
During the course, Gasparini got into touch with what she still was missing: the colour matter, the broad and roughly laid painting of the background, the instinctive fastness, the scratched and plundered canvas, the red, coarse and rich material delivered by the spatula, the dance in front of the canvas.
In those four years she was granted a scholarship to go to work at the Fine Arts Academy in Munich.
In 1988, she was selected by the Academic Board to represent
the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, painting section at the sixth edition of the National Exhibition of Contemporary Arts in Bari.
In the same year she took part in the live-from-day-to-day exhibition "La Calandriniana", a yearly art rendezvous in the town of Sarzana.
In that occasion the then chancellor for culture of Sarzana Municipality asked Gasparini to set up a personal display of her works in the exhibition space of the town hall.

In July 1989 Alessandra Gasparini organized her first individual exhibition at the Sarzanello Fortress under the sponsorship of the municipal authorities.
In 1991 personal exhibition in the deconsecrated church at Castello di Carro (La Spezia).
In 1995 Gasparni took part in the collective exhibition "ITACA""ITHACA" at Andrea Doria Palace in Genoa.
This exhibition was fundamental for the artist because on that occasion she met the Genoese painter Luciano CAVIGLIA who expressed much appreciation for her work and invited her to the Gallery where he exhibited and consequently thanks to that encounter, a successful collaboration began with the art gallery "IL PUNTO" in Genoa.
In 1996 live-from-day-to-day collective exhibition in Sarzana.
In 1996 personal exhibition in Castelnuovo Magra in the public space of the ORATORIO DEI BIANCHI, Oratory of the Whites Brotherhood.
In 1996 collective exhibition "Giovani Linguaggi dell'immagine", cultural centre Allende, La Spezia

In 1997 "Tra Luci e Ombre, Donne e Dintorni", "Among Shades and Lights, Women and Surroundings", personal exhibition at the art gallery "Il Punto", Genoa.
In 1997 collective exhibition in Sarzana, La Spezia
In the same year collective exhibition "Dietro l'Invito" at the art gallery "IL PUNTO", Genoa.
In 1997 individual exhibition in the show room "Caffè del Teatro" in Sarzana (La Spezia).
In 1998 personal exhibition "La Musa Inquieta" "The Restless Muse", art gallery "IL PUNTO", Genoa.
In 1998 personal exhibition in the show room at "Loggiato di Gemmi", Sarzana.
In the summer 1998, Alessandra Gasparini met the writer Giorgio Soavi in a quite extraordinary way. The writer had heard of Gasparini's work and decided to get to know her. " He came to my studio in disguise," Alessandra says " and pretended to be a potential customer, a absent-minded curious person; he came and we talked for quite a while. He asked me questions exact sometime, and vague ones on an irregular rhythm. He asked the reason of something, the meaning of something else, declaring himself ignorant about the subject. I had read his books, in particular his writings about the lives and works of Balthus and Giacometti, but I did not know Soavi's face.

Later, when we became friends, he confessed that was a very nice and enjoyable visit."
Later on, for sure, important and successful professional projects followed from that encounter.
Giorgio Soavi introduced Alessandra Gasparini to the Milanese art dealer Antonia Jannone and with her in 1999 Gasparini took part to a quite remarkable collective exhibition: "L'Amour ce n'est pas un sentiment onorable" "Love is not an honourable feeling".
In 1999 a personal exhibition "Il Tempo Giocato" at the art gallery "IL PUNTO" in Genoa.
In the summer 1999, Gasparini had a personal exhibition at the show room "Il Loggiato" in Sarzana.
In that season Gasparini met the American sculptor Ellen Brennen Soerensen, a successful meeting. The sculptor appreciated and enjoyed Alessandra's paintings and ushered her into the American art market.
That meeting would change the features of Gasparini's production.
In the following years much of her production would cross the Ocean reaching America: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston. Her works were displayed in prestigious spaces in important American collections.
In 2000 collective art show "Dietro l'Invito" at the art gallery "IL PUNTO" in Genoa.
An outstanding event happened in 2000 with the art gallery Antonia Jannone in Milan: Art and Fashion at the OPEN SPACE at the Umanitaria in Milan. A group of artists, each of them were chosen and asked to interpret a fashion designer. Gasparini dedicated herself to the interpretation of a dress by ANNA MOLINARI and her style. The outcome of this experience was the painting "IL PIACERER DI ANNA" "Ann's pleasure", which was put up for auction and immediately sold. The income from the sale was donated to the Italian Association against Leukaemia (A.I.L.). The event was remarkable and had quite a stir on many important magazines and the paintings were published several times.
In 2001 a personal exhibition in the showing room at "Il Loggiato" in Sarzana.
In 2001 "Ragazzine" "Little Girls" at the art gallery Antonia Jannone in Milano.
On this occasion, the writer Giorgio SOAVI wrote a beautiful piece concerning Gasparini's paintings.
In 2002 "SEBASTIANE", a collective exhibition at the art gallery NARCISO in Turin.
"Sebastiane, an interpretation" was dedicated to the figure of Saint Sebastian, promoted by the Association Sandro Penna. Since 1980 the association's aim is to develop cultural activities and research about homosexuality in its historical, scientific and literary aspects.

In 2002 "Natura Morta, Intimismo e Riflessione" "Still Life, Inwardness and Reflection", collective art exhibition at the art gallery "IL PUNTO" in Genoa.
In 2002 "Sudari dell'Anima, Tappeti volanti" "Shroud of the Soul, Magic Carpets" individual exhibition at the art gallery Tornabuoni in Pietrasanta.
In 2002 "Museum Parmainarte" Art gallery Tornabuoni in Florence
In 2002 " Il Cuore dell'Essere" "The Heart of the Being" at Poggio Imperiale, Florence a collective exhibition.
In 2003 "Come il Mare tra I Rami di Pino" "Like the Sea among the Pine tree Branches" an individual art display at the art gallery Tornabuoni in Florence.
In July 2003 personal exhibition at art gallery Tornabuoni in Pietrasanta.
In 2003 "Morbidamente Donna" collective exhibition at the art gallery Antonia Jannone in Milan.
Elena Mirò trademark promoted and brought out the couple Art and fashion through an art exhibition. Thirteen artists were called to interpret according to their feeling, the idea of a soft woman who reflected her generous beauty, her joy of living, her smile and magic seen as points in her favour.

The beauty of the woman has always been throughout the centuries the inspiring Muse and represented a form of art in itself. On that occasion Elena Mirò became the prestigious setting. Gasparini's painting "FLORA" was chosen, turned into a printed poster and shown in every shop window of Elena Mirò's fashion shops. This was an event reported on the national press.
In 2004 "L'Arte Tutt'Intorno" "The All Around Art", individual exhibition at the art gallery Tornabuoni in Pietrasanta.
In 2005 " La Parte Molla del Drago" "The soft part of the Dragon", individual exhibition at the art gallery "L'Approdo" in Avellino.
In 2005 "Vola Tutto, Volo Anch'Io" "Everything's flying, I am Flying, too".
In 2006 collective exhibition at the art gallery Andersen Art ESPERGAERDE in Copenhagen, Denmark.
In 2006 "FACES", a personal art show at the art gallery Tornabuoni in Pietrasanta.
In the summer 2006 a meeting with the gallery Barbara Paci who has given the artist the chance to exhibit not only in Europe but also in America. Alessandra took part into the art fair in Palmbeach in January 2007.
In April 2007 Alessandra Gasparini exhibited her works at a collective art show in Holland at the art gallery VANLOONE SIMONS in Amsterdam.
In 2007 "Puella Aeterna" a collective exhibition at the art gallery BARBARA PACI in Pietrasanta. Four artists dealt with the theme of childhood; the experienced and the observed childhood is taken as a shared subject and field, as an archetype from which everything started and went back again, and starts again in a everlasting motion that is always new.
In October 2007 Artefiera in Verona, art gallery Barbara PACI, Pietrasanta.
In January 2008 PALMBEACH 3 Contemporary Art, art fair, art gallery Barbara PACI, Pietrasanta.
In 2008 "Le Forme del Bello"Tuscan Sun Festival in Cortona.
In January 2009 PALMBEACH 4 Contemporary Art, art fair, art gallery Barbara PACI, Pietrasanta.

In 2010 individual exhibition at the art gallery Barbara Paci Pietrasanta (LU),with an exhibition entitled " VATEL " "VATEL"
In 2010 " Arte a cavallo" "Art at the horse" Castelnuovo Magra (SP).
In 2010 exhibition at "Castello di Nervi" "Castle of Nervi".
In 2011 Gallery Cristina Busi "Dedicata a Chiavari"" Dedicated to Chiavari".
In 2012 Art fair of Genova .
In 2012 exhibition M.F.B. Balza "L'Arte incontra la moda " "Art meets faschion" Sestri Levante (GE)

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